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Plumbers elect regional executives | IOPSA
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Plumbers elect regional executives

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By Gareth Greathead

On 13 March, members of the Institute of Plumbing South Africa (IOPSA) in Gauteng held their first Annual General Meeting (AGM) at Kwikot in Benoni, where the proving of the regional executive took place.


pic 1
The Institute of Plumbing South Africa Gauteng
executive board (from left to right); Colin Oates,
Michael Fellendorf, Craig Baxendale, Jonathan
Waters, Malcolm Harris and Chris Burgess.

Jonathan Waters acted as chairman for the meeting while Deon Pohorille was away on business.

The nominees for the regional executive committee for 2012 in compliance with the requirements set out in the IOPSA Constitution were as follows:

  • Craig Baxendale, Grohe South Africa
  • Deon Pohorille, SA Leak Detection Distributors
  • Malcolm Harris, Harscan Distributors
  • Peter Haines, Plumbing Solutions
  • Craig Preston, Burgess Plumbing
  • Michael Fellendorf, Ruwag
  • Colin Oates, Chief building inspector Region F
  • Raymond Saayman, WaterSmith Training Centre
  • Jonathan Waters, Massbuild

Voting members were asked to choose a maximum of seven nominees from the list of nine and cast their vote which will be announced once tallied.

Waters said membership renewals for 2012 have been low and encouraged plumbers to update their payments. He added that the institute has put measures in place to increase membership numbers with more value for IOPSA members. This year, meetings will be held throughout Gauteng, with meetings planned for Pretoria, and south and central Johannesburg. “There will also be more effective marketing to inform the public about the work IOPSA does and why they should use IOPSA registered plumbers.

Also on the agenda for 2012 is the IOPSA website, which is set to have a stronger presence this year and it is believed that it will help attract younger members to the institute and help create public awareness. The website administrators plan to use social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to achieve this.

Malcolm Harris, current treasurer of the IOPSA Gauteng region, relayed his positive attitude regarding the institute’s financial position and announced a balance of just under R60 000. Harris said, “Considering the current economic circumstances, the institute’s ability to survive is a good indicator of the stability of the organisation. The financials for the 2011/2012 period has been made available for viewing and comment by members.”

This year there will be a focus on educating plumbers on the laws pertaining to the Consumer Protection Act (CPA). Waters said, “If it was not for IOPSA there would be no registered qualification for plumbing and the plumbing industry would have no direct involvement in the creation of curriculums, registrations and standards.” 


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