The Institute


The Institute

The Institute of Plumbing South Africa was established in 1989 by plumbers. Today the Institute of Plumbing has evolved as the only plumbing body that has become the recognised voice of the South African Plumbing industry.

The Institute provides a platform so as to advise on the practice and principles of the plumbing industry. The Institute regularly consults and liaises with the plumbing industry, governmental and regulatory bodies for the discussion of matters affecting the plumbing industry.

The Institute is recognised and in most cases have representation on most national and internationally plumbing and legislative bodies.


Lea Smith - President

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INStitute Services

  •  1
    Plumbing Support

    We help our plumbers with technical info, best practises, pricing guidelines, and leading supplier products.

  •  2
    Qualified Plumbers

    Our members only employ qualified plumbers, who have gone through the correct training and courses to be in their position.

  •  3
    Public Liability Insurance

    In order to be a member of IOPSA you need public liability insurance to cover the chance of something going wrong on the job.

  • Plumber Service Rates Guideline

    We assist our plumbers with service rate guidelines to help them charge you the correct amounts.