DIY debris-free drains

DIY debris-free drains

Compiled by Daniella Favis for Fix Shack.

With a bit of elbow grease and Sabricon’s Snake Rod Kit, you can make all your home building’s blocked drain disasters vanish. This kit helps you to remove various obstructions in the 90° and 45° bends of your domestic pipes.

 The kit, containing 10 snake spring rods of 1 m in length, a spanner, a flexiworm and a rotating handle, is used for unblocking waste pipes of 40 or 50 mm wide, such as your pipes leading from your toilet, shower and basin. The rods use a taper locking system to ensure they hold together in the pipe. The flexiworm is attached to one end of the length of snake rods, and the rotating handle to the other end. The flexiworm end is then inserted into the drain and rotated with the rotating handle, collecting and removing the debris in the pipe. The kit also contains a training video to prepare users for their drain-cleaning activity.

Extra parts can be bought for the Snake Rod Kit, if they are required. These include the Snake Brush which is used for scouring the walls of the pipeline after the blockage has been cleared, extending the time before another blockage occurs. The Spear Head is useful when the pipeline is blocked with something hard and brittle – it uses a pump action to break up the blockage. Lastly, the Drill Adapter is used instead of the rotating handle if it becomes too difficult to turn the rods.

Sabricon’s Snake Rod Kit is available at ChamberlainPlumblink as well as other plumbing and hardware stores.

See Sabricon Snake Rod Drain Cleaning Kit for more information.