IOPSA On submission of a complaint you will be required to do the following:

  1. Submit an IOPSA complaints form – Download here
  2. Understand the complaints procedure – Download here
  3. Willing and able to allow the member of institute named to be present at any inspections carried out by the IOPSA.
  4. Agree to arrange access for such inspections if required to do so.
  5. Willing and able to allow the member of the institute named reasonable access to carry out any necessary remedial works.
  6. To the best of your knowledge confirm the details given on this form are complete and correct, and request IOPSA to investigate your complaint

Disclaimer: IOPSA will only attend to member complaints. If there is a non-member complaint, the complainant will be required to pay for the inspection process which will be confirmed on submission of complaints form and IOPSA can establish the nature and extent of complaint. An administration Fee of R2500 ex VAT will apply for the process of a non-member complaint. This process will include a site inspection, feedback from installer and assessment of technical concerns only. IOPSA will not get involved in financial or legal concerns.